Welcome to the brilliant, fantastic, stunning, marvellous, cool – well, OK, not bad – Oswain Tales website!

If you like fantasy adventures you’ll love the Oswain Tales. There are five exciting stories in the series. You can read them in any order, but the best is:

  1. Hagbane’s Doom
  2. Gublak’s Greed
  3. Surin’s Revenge
  4. Tergan’s Lair
  5. Feldrog’s Sting

You can find out more about each book by clicking on its title.












Here’s me with some fans in Waterstones at the launch of the Hagbane’s Doom musical. I get the crazy crown ‘cos I wrote the books. The other cool dude is Nick Perrin who wrote the musical.

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LATEST NEWS: Hagbane’s Doom is now available as an audio download. Go to http://adbl.co/1RtlxhS and click Play button for a free audio sample.